Self Pivot Richa

Clarity, Authenticity, Empowerment 

Your Pivot Starts Here..

We always talk about a pivot in business terms, right? The need to shift perspective and bring about a change in how you conduct things.
Well, that is what therapy does for people. It’s not some dramatic experience; rather, slowly and gently, you start experiencing life with a different lens. Things start becoming clearer to you, and you start making changes for the better.
I think this also comes a little from my own experience and the people I see in therapy. There is, you know, this inner voice we have underneath all shame, pressures, fears, and everything else that urges us to do something for ourselves, something that’s more authentic.
Founding this business was actually that call, that pivot.
I knew that if I had to find true meaning in life, I needed to do something that does justice to different facets of my personality. I had also learned to walk away from things that didn’t represent me but probably were more about other people.
So, I truly hope that we can provide this space so that others can pivot in the direction that brings them peace.

Our Aim 

At Self Pivot, we want to ensure that life’s zigs and zags do not cause anxiety but instead bring confidence. We provide various services developed specifically to ensure the well-being of your psychological state and personal evolution.

The services we provide include individual psychotherapy, couple psychotherapy, psychological testing and evaluation, dance movement therapy workshops, and mental health campaigns. We also provide a space for case consultation and a community for therapists themselves. The team of our seasoned trauma informed therapists and professionals is available to offer you a listening ear and emotional support

If you are experiencing mental health concerns which are impacting your relationships, work, you feel that something is wrong on a general level, and there is an inner voice that demands you to bring a change, become more authentic, Self Pivot is just for you. Embark with us on a trip to find yourself, grow, and pivot the way you look at things.

Richa Mohta - Self Pivot

Our Vision

We envision to create a team of  psychologists that have a mixture of compassion and competence in them to help you pivot towards the truest version of yourself without any shame and  improve your mental health. 
We want to build a community of humans from all walks of life in a single space  where in you get to be who you are and get to feel what you feel. So that you never have to be feel like you are isolated and others are better off than you. 
We want to be a partner for every company who feels mental health is a missing part of the puzzle,not only for their employees but also their customers.
Our vision is also to help people understand the wisdom that lies in body mind connection and how relevant it is to be part of  conversations, education and interventions that focus on body mind connection. Because everything that is at mental level affects you at a physical level.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make mental health part of an everyday conversation, where in there is no shame attached to the idea of vulnerability. We aim that we can help people accept themselves and bring changes that truly resonate with the needs of their mind and body.